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The JBL Flip 4 enhances an already-solid speaker lineup, including more battery life, more ruggedness, and much better sound. Layout
Flip 4 does not seem very different from its predecessors. In 6.9 x 2.75 inches, the cylindrical speaker will be a bit taller and longer than the Flip 3. However, you can not tell just by searching. The largest aesthetic change is the endcaps are encased in vinyl, adding to the device’s ruggedness.

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It comes in a number of colors: black, white, red, blue, white, gray and Teal — though that is really fewer choices compared to Flip 3 offered. If the Flip is overly fussy for you, have a look at the Roll two, that offers much wilder colors.

The speaker includes volume controls, a Bluetooth-pairing button, and A play button, and this also advances to the next track if you press it quickly. On the trunk, you will get the power switch, a battery-life index along with a button to attach to additional JBL speakers. Below a flap, there is the micro USB interface for charging the battery along with a 3.5millimeter input jack.

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The Flip 4 overcomes the Normal trade-offs a comparatively Little speaker makes. Rather than bass and lead vocals, the new Flip wows with thumping low end, complete midtones and sharp treble. The Flip 3 has been one of the best-sounding speakers selling for $100, along with the Flip 4 sounds much better in most ways.

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Rihanna’s vocals on Future’s”Selfish” came via Clear and full, while the bass on the monitor thumped without being muddy. I could listen to the facts from the twisted guitars Japandroids'”Near to the Wild Heart of Life,” while this tune on the UE Roll 2 sounded fairly apparent.

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The Flip 4 played well on acoustic music, also: Lindsey Buckingham’s acoustic guitar Fleetwood Mac’s”Never Going Back Again” was sharp, while Miles Davis’ trumpet on”Summertime” was full and bright.

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The Flip 4 has plenty loud for many configurations; I measured it Over 90 decibels at maximum. But pushing it over 85 decibels distorts the sound poorly. The Roll 2 may also crank the volume, so that should not be a determining factor in which speaker you become.

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The Flip 3 additional water resistance, but it trailed the Roll two in In general ruggedness. The Flip 4 fixes which, fitting the Roll two’s IPX7 evaluation, meaning that it could be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for half an hour. I dunked it in a sinkful of water for 5 minutes, and the device continued to execute well.

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JBL says the Flip 4’s battery life at 12 hours. However, that seems low. Once I spent over 6 hours, the battery indicator showed it had four-fifths of this charge left. The Flip 3’s battery was rated at 10 hours while the Roll 2 elevates 9 hours of playback on a charge.

Much like the Flip 3, the Flip Includes an excellent Speakerphone, something that the Roll 2 lacks completely. People I talked to said my voice was fuller in comparison to about the iPhone’s built-in speakerphone, although the majority of this speaker drivers made it even a lot easier for me to comprehend that the folks on the opposite end of the line.

Wireless and Setup
The device paired fast over Bluetooth. It has excellent Selection, Keeping a solid connection at over 50 feet inside.

There is little to do beyond turning it on and pressing play. JBL’s free Connect program for iOS and Android adds several tweaks you can make, such as altering the Play button to trigger Notification, Siri or Google Now. However, it does not incorporate an equalizer, an alert, or other functions which make UE’s program stick out.

You can also utilize JBL’s Link + technologies to match the Flip 4 Together with other JBL speakers which encourage Connect+ to get much more fidelity or to make a left-right stereo program.

Bottom Line
Together with the advancements, JBL created to the Flip 4; You Don’t want to choose between sound quality and features in a 100 Bluetooth speaker. You can get it all.

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