Insignia 55 Inch 4k Black Friday Deals 2019

In this post we are going to provide you Insignia 55 Inch 4k Black Friday Deals 2019. As a 55-inch 4K TV for under $500, the Insignia Roku TV is a big-screened bargain. You will lose out on the image quality, HDR service, and superior sound of more expensive models, but it also features the very best functionality and features for the price.
A 4K Ultra HD 55-inch TV for under $500? Yes, the Highest-resolution sets are now offered at bargain prices — however, in the instance of this Insignia Roku TV, you get just what you purchase. The Insignia moniker is Best Buy’s in-house manufacturer, which means you will find it at this merchant. However, at $449, this 55-inch LCD TV remains competitively priced compared to similar models from the likes of TCL and Westinghouse. What’s more, if you are not accustomed to browsing the myriad characteristics of the smart TVs, the Roku interface is a godsend. It makes locating apps — online and off — a cinch. On the flip side, serious film lovers would do better to devote an extra $150 to find the TCL Roku set with HDR (high dynamic range) support.

Insignia 55 Inch 4k

Layout: Simple Strategy

The Insignia Roku TV’s layout is usually unremarkable. It is Not strikingly thin (it is 3.2 inches thick), and also its own brushed-metallic framework is understated (no surplus chrome touches). On the flip side, both feet for tabletop positioning do seem like something off a Klingon battle cruiser.

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This fundamental 60-Hz LCD panel employs an edge-lit LED layout. It comes Together with the requirements for many home-theater setups. You will find just three HDMI ports, a USB plugin, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, an RF antenna and composite video connections, all which makes this set adequate for cable cutters and game players alike.

Performance: Adequate for the price

The 55-inch Insignia Roku TV generally performed better than the smaller, 43-inch Westinghouse Alexa-outfitted Fire TV Edition, in addition to additional sub-$500 4K sets we analyzed. It’d be the second-best color precision (a Delta-E score of two ) and has been the second-brightest, in 351 nits. It was also, at 55 inches, the most significant set in this price.

But, if you measure up to another level, the Insignia TV’s shortcomings become more evident. The 55-inch TCL 4K Roku TV ($599) was brighter (464 nits vs. the Insignia’s 351 nits) and delivered more colors (99 percent of those Rec. 709 color gamut versus the Insignia’s 96 percent). The TCL set also supplies HDR support.
With no HDR support, by Way of Example, the 4K Edition of The Martian Using the broader color service appeared dull on the Insignia screen along with the TCL set (each model was set in its very best Picture mode).

The limited color service gave people’s faces a grayish Throw versus exactly what we watched on more costly Ultra HD sets from LG and Vizio; on these TVs, the very same actors seemed warmer or more pink. This restriction of this Insignia set tended to change colors in different scenes, like the shore in Mad Max: Fury Road, that had a yellow shade when compared with the reddish look they had on other TVs.

Audio: Not a mouse, however small

The Insignia set’s built-in audio system was decent but lacked Strength and power. And even though it has different audio-effects settings — Regular, Theater, Big Bass, High Treble, Music, and Speech — it delivered a rather little sound.

Interface: Fundamental Roku

Like other models together with the Roku TV port, this Insignia TV Benefits greatly from this attribute. This port makes setup dead easy (just Click through it, and it’ll automatically upgrade the application ), though you do need to register into Roku to trigger the TV.

Roku presents a simple appearance, using its ruby-red Background plus also a list of options down the left side (like House, Picture Store, News, Streaming Stations and Settings), together with square icons to the right For connected devices (such as a Blu-ray participant, Cable, Antenna and Game Console Resources ). Among the best features here’s that Roku Provides a lot of Techniques to find fresh films and apps. By Way of Example, there’s a Not on Netflix category, in addition to Indie Favorites, 4K Ultra HD TV Shows, Free Episodes and Binge-Worthy Categories.

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