Garmin Etrex 20x Black Friday Deals 2020

In this post we are going to provide you Garmin Etrex 20x Black Friday Deals 2020. The Garmin eTrex 20x is the very best option for a cheap, committed, outdoor prepared hiking GPS. You will find far more costly versions and smartphone choices, but to get plenty of hikers, the eTrex 20x will provide you the best bang for your dollar. This is why I advocate it.

Garmin Etrex 20x

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What the Garmin eTrex 20x Is and Isn’t

The eTrex 20x is a little, outdoor prepared mapping GPS unit. You are able to stick to a pre-made trail or path or browse to a waypoint. Or you may navigate by taking a look at the loaded maps on the little color screen. It is waterproof, rugged, and outside prepared (so unlike many phones, you can drop it without repainting the screen).

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Should you read the reviews for the eTrex 20x (particularly on Amazon), then you will observe that lots of men and women give it low celebrities and whine about the maps. Garmin’s advertising makes it look as if it is possible to begin mapping out drops from the box for this item, and it is not correct.

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Garmin includes a base map, which will essentially let you know what city you are in and that which interstate is near you. It is fairly useless, BUT BUT BUT you can receive free topographic maps and load them onto the unit quite easily. It’s not necessary to purchase expensive Garmin maps. And Garmin supplies a free program named Basecamp (Windows and Mac) that is a fantastic tool for planning routes and loading them on the unit. I use it all of the time.

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So together with all the free maps and Basecamp for intending, the Garmin eTrex 20x is a strong instrument. It is small, rugged, and helps you browse the paths. Whenever somebody asks me to get an inexpensive GPS recommendation, then I let them find the eTrex 20x. I carry you myself and use it also for my own Fenix and smartphone (because I am a freak about using copies ).

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Garmin Etrex 20x Black Friday Deals

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There are a few fundamental functions that I search for in a trekking GPS, and also the eTrex does them well. Here Is What it does:

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  • permits you to adhere to GPX tracks which you have downloaded off the web
  • permits you to make your own trekking tracks and paths in (totally free ) Garmin Basecamp and ship them into the eTrex 20x
  • Marks waypoints to store significant places
  • Navigates to a waypoint
  • Tracks you advance, rate, time and space
  • permits you to store your hikes for your personal computer or on the internet on Garmin Join.
  • Has map navigation and browsing capabilities
  • Has 3.7gb of internal memory to maintain lots of maps

Along with those basic purposes, the eTrex 20x includes some bells and whistles that I enjoy.

  • Should you plan a path in Basecamp and ship it to an eTrex 20x, the unit will alarm you with wake-up and chime if you have to switch or change your path (to keep on the road ).
  • It’s a proximity alert that will wake up and chime the unit once you get near a waypoint or match.
  • It may take a vast array of free topographic (and other) maps. I utilize these fantastic (free) topographic maps.

Our Verdict
If you’d like a sound, GPS with no whistles and bells which push the price up, look no farther than the Gamin eTrex 20x. Despite just being 5.1 oz, and $200, this device packs 3.7 GB of memory, and maintain around 2,00 waypoints and 200 paths. It includes a simple foundation map such as most of Garmin units, but it also gets the choice to upload more detailed topo maps. The eTrex 20x is light, quick, accurate, as well as 25 hours of battery life, and it won our Best Buy Award. If you’d like an inexpensive GPS unit which packs a good deal into a bit, we believe this is a superb option.

Conclusion The Garmin eTrex 20x won our Best Buy award and stood out as a mild and cheap handheld GPS.

  • Performance Comparison
  • Reception

For how mild it is, this item is damn zippy in regards to finding a sign in both covered and open places. It was somewhat slower than a number of the high-end units, such as the GPSMAP 66st, particularly coming from a slot canyon, but nevertheless played satisfactorily. Like the majority of the Garmin units, the eTrex 20x utilizes both GPS and GLONASS systems to lock on a signal. It had been fairly true, but in more protected places, it did suffer somewhat.

We also conducted navigation evaluations to ascertain the truth of the units better. We flagged an area and also marked a waypoint. Then we walked away and needed the device to browse back us. All devices navigated back us over 40 to 98 inches of our initial waypoint. The eTrex 20x navigated within 85 inches of their initial place. All in all, the device is quick to reach a sign but less precise as higher-performing devices.

Benefits of Use

The ease of the Best Buy winner is exactly what we fell in love with. This device doesn’t support elaborate wireless sharing choices, a digital compass, or even barometric altimeter, but it’s fairly user-friendly. It is a no-nonsense GPS unit for basic map and orienteering functions.

Contrary to the comparable eTrex Touch 35, the eTrex 20x does not have a touchscreen. Instead, the surface of the device has a toggle effective for either scrolling and picking, in addition to scrolling buttons and a menu on the left side, along with a rear button and light/power button to the right. With no touch screen, this enables better cold weather use, either due to these buttons, and easier controls are reducing battery usage.

We couldn’t completely rely upon this map to navigate from point to point as it only actually comprises road (not path ) information. It would be helpful to download maps from different sources such as GPS Document Depot to enhance your own navigation. A 25K topo map for paths is an ideal size for browsing all sorts of terrain features. We enjoyed the rapid access to switch the battery. The back cover features an easy turn gate screw that’s quite easy to take off and on. Screen Superior


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