Dish Network 1000.2 Black Friday Deals 2020

In this post we are going to provide you Dish Network 1000.2 Black Friday Deals 2020. The Dish Turbo HDTV Satellite Dish Tripod Kit is ideal for the traveler or tailgater which wishes to shoot their satellite TV on the street. All you want to do is build the dish, connect the dish to your receiver, then point the dish into the satellites! Has a folding mobile tripod mount making it easy to place your dish up to 50 feet away from your RV or campsite. This kit has a satellite with a built backlight which makes pointing the dish simple. All you will need is your Dish Network receiver, 120v electricity, your own tv, and few hand instrument. Dish preparing directions are contained.

Dish Network 1000.2

This kit will Operate these receiver string: 2xx, 3xx, 5xx, 6xx, 7xx, 9xx. Additionally, it is compatible with Hopper (needs one inclusion 3ft. Cable and one DISH Solo Node DISH PART # 185834)

It is completely compatible with all receivers that finish in K too. A MPEG-4 receiver and HDTV subscription must get HD service.

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This Item is Assembled and sent in our Indianapolis, IN warehouse.

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Dish Network 1000.2 Black Friday Deals

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Merchandise Features

  • Portable Satellite Dish for DISH (network) HDTV and Standard definition programming
  • Apparatus can be installed 50ft. In the RV for simple alignment from trees (maybe set up further with lengthier coaxial cable spans ).
  • Comprises the Dark Turbo HD dish for getting 110w,119w/ and 129w satellites. LNBF includes three outputs and may function three receivers.
  • Compatible with DISH receiver which has a three-digit version # (2xx,3xx,5xx,6xx,7xx,9xx).
  • Compatible with receiver units ending in”K” ( 211k, 222k, 722k, etc.)
  • Compatible with Hopper (needs one inclusion 3ft. Cable and one DISH Solo Node DISH PART # 185834)
  • Receives HD and SD programming.
  • Directions for pointing dish contained.

What is contained in our Dish Turbo HD RVers Kit

  • Black Dish Turbo HD satellite dish antenna
  • Dish 1000.2 Western arc LNBF for getting 110w,119w/ and 129w.
  • Two ft. Galvanized tripod with the rod.
  • 50ft – RG6 coaxial cable using professional-grade connectors installed
  • 3ft – RG6 coaxial cable for linking LNBF to satellite
  • Our very own branded satellite signal finder (SF95) with backlight and perceptible tone
  • F81 dual female hose connector for linking the 3ft. To 50ft. RG6 coaxial wires if the installation is complete
  • Army lensatic compass, liquid stuffed in a metallic casing.
  • This dish will receive HDTV network channels for all of the continental US. It Is Going to also receive local
  • Channels (within a 200-mile radius of your house ) for many markets.

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