Devialet Phantom Gold Black Friday Deals 2020

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In this post we are going to provide you Devialet Phantom Gold Black Friday Deals 2020. Everybody Knows about France. If folks consider high-end audio, they consider Germany and Austria (Beyerdynamic, AKG) Great Britain (Chord, Bowers & Wilkins) and Japan (Audio-Technica).

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Devialet Phantom Gold

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They do not consider the French. However, Devialet is an ideal case of a company with that nation making serious waves their Phantom requires the concept of a wireless speaker, and launches it into space. Within this review, we split down the Gold Phantom’s sound, design, packaging and accessories, specs, and much more. To see how it pops up, view our listing of the finest wireless and Bluetooth speakers.

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Low-End (Bass)
Before we start, it is worth noting this can be a somewhat different review to that which we generally do. After we contacted Devialet, the company did not have some review loaner versions in stock — nevertheless, they said we had been welcome to see their shop in NYC at any moment, to check their Devialet Gold Phantom version. As it happened, we had been in New York to get CanJam 2018 – a tremendous headset festival — therefore, when we were finished, we took ourselves into the company’s Soho shop to get a demonstration.

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Devialet Phantom Gold Black Friday Deals

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Usually, this type of arrangement is not something we enjoy. We like to examine speakers on our conditions, over a lengthy time period, as every real-world listener might. In cases like this, however, we’re likely to provide Devialet a pass, and not merely because they gave us a very gracious one-on-one presentation. While we may have listened to this Gold Phantom within their swanky testing space, which no doubt comprise several flattering acoustics, we are pretty sure we have the complete measure of this specific wireless speaker. That is because there’s no possible way to pretend what we discovered, that was a few of the strangest, most incredible bass on Earth.

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You can’t think — you actually can’t think — how extreme the low carb on a Gold Phantom is. That is, after all, a product which may set out 4,500 watts when it is turned around the max, and which utilizes woofers (bass drivers) that feel as though they have more R&D supporting them than technician Elon Musk is starting into orbit. The bass felt just like it back to infinity, swamping the area with incredible vibration and power. We adore subwoofers, but that is something else. This is an eighth of the size of an SVS PB16-Ultra subwoofer (complete review here), which we believe to be one of the finest available at this time, and it easily held its own.

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Not many adventures in the audio universe leave our limbs on the ground. We hear a lot of equipment that is great, even sometimes good, but we are pretty experienced now, and it is difficult actually to knock our socks off. The Gold Phantom? That knocked our socks off, pants, panties, flesh, flesh, and immortal soul. The bass is that great. And Jesus Christ Buddha Yahweh Satan Vishnu Flying Spaghetti Monster was it loud.

High-End (Treble) and Mids
Providentially, that the Gold Phantom does not only have that one trick up its sleeve. While the luxury and the mids are nowhere near as impactful because of incredible bass, they nevertheless manage to impress. In reality, the different areas of the frequency spectrum proved surprisingly subtle, spiked with detail which appeared to float on a sea of bass. They are not going to compete in using a set of comprehensive floor standing speakers, such as the Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series (that are somewhat more affordable than the top-model Phantom, at $2,300 into the Gold Phantom’s $2,990). However, they easily match up to other similar wireless speakers. The entire audio quality was excellent, with hardly any drawbacks.


We did say almost. If there’s one criticism which could be leveled in the Gold Phantom and its brethren, it is a single speaker working on its own does not have mind-blowing soundstage and spacing. It is great enough — it doesn’t take anything off the table, but it will sometimes become hard just to place instruments in a specific song. Devialet, clearly, possesses a fairly convenient solution for this: simply purchase two. It is not exactly the cheapest alternative — and we’ll be speaking at length about the price of this specific speaker in a moment — but it surely does solve the issue. Two of those things attacking your eardrums simultaneously, from two distinct directions, is the type of item which can result in spiritual conversions. It is absolutely magical. If incidentally, you really do need greater stereo spacing and spread out of one speaker, you may want to try out something such as the Naim Mu-So. It is less than half of the price of one Gold Phantom – in about $1,299. It certainly does not possess as magnificent a noninvasive, but it manages to do a nicer job of replicating the spacing from the music.

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