Dell Chromebook 3189 Black Friday Deals 2020

In this post we are going to provide you Dell Chromebook 3189 Black Friday Deals 2020. Chromebooks are Very Popular With schools since they’re simple to use and hard to infect with viruses. Beginning at $329 ($349 as analyzed ), Dell’s Chromebook 3189 runs Google’s operating platform but additionally snaps into pill computer and tent styles so students can quickly use the touch screen, reveal classmates what they are working on or socialize with Android programs when Google updates its OS to encourage them.

Dell Chromebook 3189

Although this 11-inch laptop does not have the most powerful functionality or brightest screen, the Chromebook 3189’s durable chassis, powerful sound, and all-day battery life make it the best Chromebook for young pupils.

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The Dell Chromebook 3189 includes a Plain, but decent, gray plastic decorative. The cover includes a Dell emblem in the middle and a Chrome emblem in a high corner, whereas another top corner includes a three-color mild which may be used (after downloading a Chrome Extension accessible at no cost from the Chrome Webstore) to communicate with the instructor without bothering the other pupils. The corners of this computer are curved, and the whole outside edge is coated in a rubberized strip to help protect it from bumps and shocks.

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The hinges are rigid enough to maintain the lid in the position since you bend it into the pill, stand or tent manners, but loose enough to get a young man to proceed, without straining. The deck includes the exact same grey decorative as the lid.

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Dell’s laptop Is a Great size for fitting into basic and Middle schoolers’ bags and hands. The Chromebook 3189 steps 12 x 8.2 x 0.9 inches and weighs 3.2 lbs. The outer dimensions are roughly the same since the Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA, which steps 11.9 x 8.3 x 0.6 inches and weighs just 2.6 lbs. However, the C302CA’s screen is just 1 inch bigger than the 3189’s (12 inches versus 11 inches to its 3189). The Acer Chromebook R 13 steps 12.8 x 8.9 x 0.6 inches and weighs 3.2 lbs, and contains a 13-inch screen; the Dell Chromebook 3180 steps 11.9 x 8.1 x 0.8 inches, weighs 2.8 lbs, and has exactly the exact same size screen as the Chromebook 3189, in 11 inches.

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On the left side, you will find just two USB 3 vents, a full-size HDMI port, an SD card reader and also the AC power port. On the ideal side, is a mixture headphone/microphone jack, a charging standing light, a power switch, a volume button, and a Noble Wedge protection slot.

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The Chromebook 3189 is made To take over just a small abuse. According to Dell, its laptop passed a range of MIL-SPEC evaluations, such as those such as vibrations, shocks, and extreme temperatures. Throughout its laboratory testing, Dell fell the system 26 times on plywood in the height of 30 inches, and it kept working. The laptop also includes a spill-resistant computer keyboard to allow it to endure fluids.

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Computer keyboard and Touchpad

The Chromebook 3189’s computer keyboard Felt great to type on, though the slightly concave keys can make it even more challenging for a person with adult-size palms or long fingernails. I clicked 75 words per minute on 10fastfingers. Com using a 1.5 percent error rate, nearly the same as my customary 77 words per second using a 1% error rate. The keys have a moderate 1.4mm of vertical travel and need 63 grams of actuation power, which can be both marginally above the class average.

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The buttonless Touchpad needed the Right level of sensitivity to both two-finger scrolling and three-finger swiping. Tapping on the Touchpad (rather than pressing) creates a sound, like the Touchpad, were not loose.


The 3189’s 11.6-inch display Has a relatively low resolution of 1366 x 768 but provides strong color manipulation. Seeing the Toy Story 3 HD trailer on YouTube at 720p HD, the colors were bright and accurate – Ham was pink, Rex and the toy soldiers would be the appropriate colors of green, and the wagon was a heavy crimson.

Dell Chromebook 3189 Black Friday Deals

The touch screen was quite responsive. When in capsule or tent mode, tapping a text box brings up an on-screen keyboard, which has been embarrassing to type on but got the job done for the small input signal. But, it is not the type of thing that a student would like to utilize for any duration of time.

The Chromebook 3189 managed to Replicate 81.2 percent of this RGB color gamut, that was greater compared to Chromebook R 13 (63.7 percent), the Chromebook Flip C302CA (76 percent) and also the Chromebook 3180 (72.8 percent). However, it was well under the category average of 96 percent.

The 3189’s Delta-E color Precision score of 0.3 is exceptional (0 is ideal). It scored much better than the group average of 2.4, also conquer the scores of this Chromebook R 13 (1.1) and also the Chromebook Flip C3-1CA (1.6); the Chromebook 3180 additionally scored 0.3.

The screen brightness has been nice For indoor usage, measuring 223 nits, in comparison with 291.8 nits for your Chromebook Flip C302CA and 210 nits for your Chromebook 3180. But it was well beneath the Class typical of 301.8, which means you’d not wish to use it near a bright window.

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