Braun Series 9 Black Friday Deals 2020

In this post we are going to provide you Braun Series 9 Black Friday Deals 2020. Braun Started the Series 9 back in 2015 to Shoot over the Popular, however aging Series 7 lineup of electric shavers.

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With more energy, more cutting Elements plus a new layout, the Series 9 is Braun’s most innovative and priciest electrical shaver yet.

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Braun Series 9

One year after its debut, Braun abruptly revamped that the Entire Series 9 lineup, the most significant changes being a brand new shaving head and wet/dry operation for several of the new shavers.

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Part of the new creation, That the Braun Series 9 9290cc comes in a matte silver finish and contains an automatic Clean & Charge (cc) station.

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Furthermore, This Specific model Is shaping up to become among the best-selling Series 9 shavers because of its lower price in comparison to other comparable Series 9 versions.

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But because it has a hefty Price tag, you are likely interested in figuring out whether it is worth your hard-earned cash.

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With that said, there is a lot. To enjoy about the 9290cc, however, there are a number of negative aspects too.

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To discover whether it’d be a Superior match for me personally, I put my findings into this review after thoroughly studying the Braun Series 9 9290cc within the span of a single month.

Features overview

The Series 9 9290cc packs fairly A good deal of features and technologies, so I will briefly discuss the very crucial ones.

Four-person cutting elements
The shaving head of this Series 9 consists of 4 individual cutting elements:

Two foils are known as OptiFoils that shave hairs near the skin. They utilize Braun’s infamous hexagon shaped holes which are allegedly superior for shooting hairs when compared with the normally rounded perforations.
A HyperLift & Cut trimmer — that really is really a novelty and a different element of the Series 9; the specifically designed trimmer lifts and cuts flat-lying hairs. You can identify it with its distinctive gold color on the upgraded Series 9 models such as the 9290cc within our review. The special color of the trimmer is the end result of a Titanium Nitride coating, a ceramic material used for its anti-corrosive and edge retention attributes.
A Direct & Cut trimmer that catches hairs which grow in various directions.
One thing that grabbed my attention was Braun’s effort at Advertising the Series 9 as a shaver using five cutting elements.

Braun Series 9 Black Friday Deals

At Braun’s view, the fifth is that the so-called SkinGuard, a piece of metal situated right near the Direct & Cut trimmer which allegedly smoothens skin.

But let us be fair, this is not A cutter and shouldn’t count as you can.

Just for the record, the Panasonic Arc 5 is a good instance of a shaver with 5 active shaving elements.

SyncroSonic Technology

Together with the Series 9, Braun Ditched the customization styles of this Series 7 which enabled the user to manually change the power output of their shaver based on the place they had been shaving.

People were pretty much worthless, And Braun probably believed the same.

Rather, they implemented the So-called SyncroSonic technologies which read the density of the blossom and adjusts the energy so. This sort of technology can be located on high-end Panasonic shavers.

I’d prefer complete Electricity for the whole shave because I never found that this kind of gimmicky attributes to Create any substantial improvements to the true functioning of the shaver.

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