Benq HT2050a 1080p Black Friday Deals 2020

In this post we are going to provide you Benq HT2050a 1080p Black Friday Deals 2020. The BenQ HT2050A ($749) is a Little Step upward in price from the eight home theater projectors we only reviewed, but it’s a substantial step up in image quality. It provides noticeably darker blacks, greater contrast, and also a much better sense of three-dimensionality using 2D images than those eight models from the $499 to $650 price range.

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Brightness is one of those HT2050A’s strong points. It’s rated at 2200 ANSI lumens, and we measured it at about 1840 in its smartest factory preset. Unlike a lot of projectors that ordinarily appear too green within their smartest modes, the HT2050A’s color at maximum brightness is inside a realistic-looking variety — as a practical matter, making it more usable in high brightness mode compared to several projectors that quantify even brighter.

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Benq HT2050a 1080p

Despite video optimized Configurations, the HT2050A is bright enough, at approximately 1530 ANSI lumens, for up to a 200″ diagonal 16:9 image in a darkened room using a 1.3 gain screen or a 125″ image with moderate ambient light. But, BenQ states that the attention might be somewhat tender at 180″ and bigger.

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BenQ HT2050A Benefits

1.3x zoom: more zoom range than normal because of its price
Shorter-than-typical throw ratio provides bigger-than-typical images in tight spaces.
RGBRGB color wheel provides high-quality color, mainly because there are not many white panels to improve white brightness much over color brightness.
96 percent REC.709 policy in Cinema mode
Practically no rainbow artifacts, as a result of this six-panel color wheel rotation at 6X rate
3,500-hour lamp life in total power mode, 5,000 hours at Economic Mode, as much as 7,000 hours at SmartEco mode
Vertical lens shift
Vertical and horizontal keystone correction
two HDMI 1.4a interfaces
Robust audio: The onboard 10-watt mono speaker produces greater than average sound quality together with Cinema, Game, Music and Sports modes; sufficient volume to fill a large room
Quick input lag: 16.4 ms with Quick Mode on
Total 3D; functions with DLP-Link eyeglasses; shed in brightness compared to 2D is in the top end of the normal range
Supports ISF color calibration for ISF Day and Night modes (in case you are ready to pay a tech to calibrate it)
Optional Wireless FHD kit accessible for wireless, uncompressed streaming at up to 1080p 60Hz; WiFi dongle for the link with mobile devices also offered.
Better-than-typical Guarantee: 3 years to get the projector for example Express Exchange with free shipping one way; 1 year or 2000 hours to your lamp
Moderate Dimensions and weight; just 7.3 lbs
BenQ HT2050A Limitations

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Lamp Replacements are 249, much higher than typical in this price category
Fixed vertical counter conducive to mid mounting, but might be debatable for mounting on shelf supporting seat area.
Just One 3D Mode

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Benq HT2050a 1080p Black Friday Deals

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BenQ HT2050A Performance

Brightness. Our evaluation sample of this BenQ HT2050A generated ANSI lumen readings For Regular and financial lamp configurations together with all the zoom lens at its widest angle setting as follows:

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BenQ HT2050A ANSI Lumens







Vivid TV









Low Lamp Mode. Economic Mode reduces the brightness by about 33% in comparison with Regular Mode. There’s also a more SmartEco mode, which is not an eco mode in the regular sense. It functions much like a car iris to produce dark scenes darker, reducing electricity usage by up to 70 percent and prolonging lamp life.

Zoom Lens Impact on Brightness. At the Entire telephoto setting, the 1.3x zoom Drops the brightness by just 6 percent, which is not sufficient to detect or bother contemplating when placing the projector.

Video Optimized Lumens. Beginning with the default options for Vivid TV, correcting the Hue for green and red provides a close fit to a reference image with no loss of brightness. Additionally, it provides a dark black together with great contrast and feel of three-dimensionalities.

The Quantified 1528 ANSI lumens could be too bright if you do not need a very major image. It may light up a 180″ diagonal 1.0 gain screen in a darkened room or 110″ with moderate ambient light. Dropping it in its eco-modes is going to be a fantastic solution for people who demand no longer than about 120″ diagonal at a darkened theater room.

In Addition, for smaller screen sizes, the Cinema color preset provides similar image quality using a bit lower contrast in a still glowing 1088 ANSI lumens. Vivid TV in Economic Mode provides only a bit lower brightness, at 1021 lumens. The Cinema preset combined with Fiscal power mode is 726 ANSI lumens–still bright enough to get a 140″ diagonal 1.3-gain screen in a darkened room.

Video Performance. The BenQ HT2050A Provides an Extremely watchable image in All its color preset modes. Color accuracy, contrast, black level, shadow detail, and sense of three-dimensionalities are among the very best available for a projector in this price category, especially with all the Vivid TV color preset.

Color Preset Mode Performance. As with most projectors, the HT2050A’s cleverest Mode includes a green prejudice, but the green change in this instance is so slight that many Folks will not detect it without comparing it to a reference image. Additionally, To being inside an acceptably realistic selection, colors can also be well saturated. If you Will Need the Excess brightness to Resist ambient light–at a Living room during the daytime such as –it’s easily up to the job.

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