Ailihen C8 Headphones Black Friday Deals 2020

In this post we are going to provide you Ailihen C8 Headphones Black Friday Deals 2020. Enjoy your music? Enjoy listening To it at each possible case? Music has the ability to soothe your frayed nerves, or even make you pumped up to your own workout.

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However, to Love your music As the composer intended it to, you have to hear it within an environment rather like from the recording studio — zero disturbance, exceptional acoustics, and fantastic carriers of sound. It is not possible to flip all of the distances we use into recording studios. However, it’s likely to listen to your music using a pair of exceptional headphones.

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Ailihen C8 Headphones

Gone are the times when you’d To take a set of speakers together with you to follow your music with great consequences. Together with the newest technological advancements, one has a huge array of earphones and headphones to pick from. They are available in various shapes and sizes to suit everybody’s requirements.

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The Alien C8 lightweight Headphones not only allow you to follow your favorite tracks on the move, but they also allow you to do this with no disturbance of the external world. They’re made in such a manner that they take one to the universe of music or gambling in which you hear only the sound emitted from the device.

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Bundle components

  • The bundle includes a single Ailihen C8 lightweight cushioned headphones, folded all of the ways to earn the packaging nice and compact.
  • 1 sound cable
  • User guide


There are Several headphones In the marketplace. But, very few provide what they promise, and just a couple are equipped with a variety of capabilities. The Alien C8 is just one of these, and there are loads of characteristics which make it a standout piece of gear.

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Ailihen C8 Headphones Black Friday Deals

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  • The brilliant compact triangular design of those headphones, lets it withstand the strain of routine hearing.
  • It’s crafted to match the human mind perfectly, and the headbands could be adjusted to match heads of different dimensions.
  • The Ailihen C8 is strong and is constructed to last long. The on-ear headphones are covered under the Ailihen guarantee.
  • The headphones are designed for the best comfort of the wearer. They guarantee you like your music for a lengthy time period with no residual pain as a consequence of wearing your headphones for a lengthy time period.
  • The ear cushions ensure the external noise is cut off along with the sound leakage is minimized, so as to enhance the bass performance. This guarantees the sound pressure is correct, thereby providing you with an excellent quality sound.


  • They’re lightweight, and the headband is lightly padded, and also the ear cushions are made from soft leatherette. This allows it to be worn for extended intervals, without damaging the wearer.
  • The soft leatherette ear cushions not merely ensures relaxation but also assists in cutting the external noise so which you may listen to music or play your match in peace.
  • Anybody can use the Ailihen C8 headphones as the big angle of rotation allows it to be adjusted to match the wearer absolutely. The headbands may also be adjusted to fit almost any dimension of a mind.

Easy Handling

  • The foldable design allows for easy reliability and flexibility. It is possible to pack it away in your luggage without occupying space, and you do not need to fret about the headphones bending beneath the weight of different things in your bag.
  • The built-in microphone allows you to take calls on the move. Even if you’re listening to music, you are able to take your phone, and after it’s completed, your music will restart.
  • The built-in volume provides you command of your music in your fingertips. You do not need to fish out of your apparatus to raise or reduce the volume according to your changing environment.
  • The cable is constructed from nylon. No more fretting about the wires getting tangled just as you did not take some opportunity to roll up them correctly.


  • It’s outfitted with 40 mm lively components that extend the frequency response.
  • You do not need to get another pair of headphones for all your devices. The Alien C8 can be used with devices, such as Apple.


You jazz up your ensemble with these vibrant headphones. You may pick from 5 vibrant colors: black/blue, black/orange, grey/green, grey/mint and white/brown. You can now add a design element to your work ensemble, or whether you would like to play it safe, you may add an element of fun to your exercise equipment.

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40mm Driver Unit

Display element within a headphone is What converts the electrical signals to sound pressure, so you are able to hear the many sounds as they were intended to be. The size of this driver is the trick to the mind phone’s functionality. Larger the motorist size better is that the sound quality as bigger is the output signal. This means the speaker dimensions will also increase.

The Alien C8 being an over- Ear headphone has larger drivers compared to on-ears design and will provide better sound quality. These headphones have lively drivers that use diaphragms, which are big. The big diaphragms assist in creating a potent bass and the ideal sound pressure without having much electricity.

This style also empowers it to Block out the external sound.

Speaker Impedance

These headphones have a reduced Speaker impedance of just 32 ohms. That makes it perfectly acceptable for music on the move. It provides good excellent sound and matches with the output signal from the iPhone, iPod, etc..


These headphones have a higher sensitivity to 103db. This makes sure the sound quality isn’t compromised, and your device battery isn’t drained too fast as you won’t have the necessity to flip your volume all the way up. This is ideal for music on the move. Fantastic music without impacting the battery lifetime.

Over-Ear Headphones

If You Want to listen to great Quality music with all the surround effect, over-ear headphones would be the ideal Alternative. These headphones encapsulate your ears completely and block any Outside sound. This Sort of headphones is favored by audiophiles, DJs, and Sound engineers since it lets them pay careful attention to information, and the sound delivered isn’t distorted by any external elements.

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